Arm Lift

Arm Lift

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try and exercise, there is simply no fighting the effects of weight fluctuation, age, and heredity. Your arms can be particularly frustrating, as the undersides begin to sag or appear loose or full due to excess skin and fat. If you find that these “bat wings” are a constant problem, then an arm lift may be what is needed.

What is an Arm Lift?

An arm lift, clinically known as brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that slims and reshapes the arms from the elbow to the shoulder. Brachioplasty is usually performed on patients who have undergone massive weight loss or are genetically predisposed to larger upper arms. This procedure is designed to reduce excess skin and tissue in the upper arm resulting in a smoother and tighter appearance.

Is an Arm Lift Right for Me?

Most brachioplasty patients in New York and New Jersey are adults with significant skin laxity on their upper arms. If you are considering an arm lift, you should be in good health and your weight must be relatively stable for several months. Patients who have undergone drastic weight loss and are left with excess, sagging skin have benefited greatly from an arm lift.. This procedure does not treat excess fat but additional procedures, such as liposuction, can be combined with an arm lift to provide fully comprehensive aesthetic results.

Benefits of an Arm Lift

  • Reduce excess skin and fat from the underarm between the shoulder and the elbow
  • Smoother skin and visible definition
  • More toned and proportionate appearance

Brachioplasty Techniques

Dr. Norberto Soto performs different techniques to accommodate the desired results of everyone who qualifies.


The limited incision arm lift technique is beneficial for patients who do not have a large amount of excess skin. For this procedure, a small incision is made in the armpit, allowing it to be well hidden.


Those who only have laxity in the upper half of the upper arm would be good candidates for a limited or short scar brachioplasty.


The standard incision arm lift is the most commonly used technique. This procedure corrects moderate to large amounts of excess skin on the upper arms. The incision runs on the inner portion of the arm from the elbow to the armpit.


The extended incision arm lift is specifically reserved for patients who also have excess skin on the sides of their chest. This incision runs from the elbow, through the armpit, and slightly down the sides of the chest. Not all patients need this procedure; it will be determined on a case by case basis during your consultation with Dr. Soto

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for brachioplasty are men and women who have a large amount of upper arm skin laxity. Patients should be in good physical health and non-smokers; if you do smoke you will be asked to quit prior to undertaking the surgical procedure.  The candidate should have already achieved their weight loss goal when looking into this procedure and are now looking to correct the excess skin that has been left behind. This is not a procedure for men and women who still have an abundance of fat on their upper arms. At times adding liposuction will improve overall results by addressing areas of fatty deposition.


During your  initial complimentary consultation with Dr. Norberto Soto, you will be asked about your particular problem areas and what cosmetic goals you are looking to attain. He will then conduct a brief review of your medical history, going over any routine medications, current health conditions, previous surgeries, etc. Once this has been discussed, the doctor will perform a physical evaluation to assess to determine to best approach to achieve your cosmetic goals. You and Dr. Soto will then construct a surgical treatment plan tailored to your exact anatomy and cosmetic desires.  Before leaving the office, you will be given the option to schedule your procedure date; however, there is no obligation to do so. Undergoing this procedure is a big decision; it should be thoroughly considered.

How is an Arm Lift Surgery Performed?

An arm lift is typically performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation.  The length and pattern of your incision will be based on the amount and location of the excess skin that is being removed. Dr. Soto, will usually place the incision on the inside or on the back of your arm. It may stretch from your underarm to just above your elbow. Once the incisions are made, the underlying supportive tissue will be tightened and reshaped. You may receive liposuction if there are fat deposits are present. Your skin will be pulled tight over the new contour of your arm, and the incisions will be closed.


Immediately following your procedure, both arms will be wrapped in compression garments. You will remain in our care for a couple hours after the procedure. It is advised by Dr. Soto that you try to walk and move about  the evening of your procedure to help improve circulation and reduce the risk of blood clots from forming. To help with discomfort during this time, you will be provided with a prescription for pain medication. The compression garments should remain on at all times during the recovery stage to help with swelling and any bruising that may occur.  It is anticipated that you should plan for 7 to 10 days off from work after your surgical procedure. During your recovery period, it is recommended to avoid daily activities for about a week. More strenuous activities, or any activities that cause too much stress on the arms, should not be performed for at least four weeks following the procedure. On average, our patients have been able to resume all their normal routines after five to six weeks.


Once the swelling has resolved and the incisions have healed, the full results will be visible; commonly after four to six monthsYour results will be long-lasting because the excess skin will be removed, leaving the remaining skin tightened and firm. It is important that you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine following your brachioplasty. You will notice a considerable reduction in the circumference of your arms, especially noticing a difference in the way clothes fit and the way you feel in them. Your arms will have a new contour and shape, providing a new found confidence! An arm lift cannot counter the natural effects of aging and gravity, but it  certainly will help.

Arm Lift with Liposuction

Depending on your particular case, you may need additional procedures to achieve your aesthetic goals. Dr. Soto can combine certain procedures to create a comprehensive body contouring treatment. Everyone’s body is different, meaning that everyone’s concerns will vary, but the most common treatment that is combined with an arm lift is liposuction.  Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses moderate  vacuum suction to remove problematic fat throughout certain areas of the body. This procedure can be used in conjunction with an arm lift to provide a completely comprehensive arm sculpting procedure.


For your financing needs, Prosper® is offered. The cost of an arm lift can vary widely from case to case. Dr. Norberto Soto and his staff will be happy to talk about what arm lift prices would be for you. We invite our patients to ask all the questions they need, so they can be comfortable with their final decision so please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Soto today.

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