Laceration Repair Surgery is an essential component of the reconstruction care available at Advanced Aesthetic Associates. Victims of lacerations may be any age, and may experience anything from a superficial contusion requiring a straightforward cosmetic solution to a life-threatening wound demanding the immediate attention of a full surgical team, including a plastic surgeon.

Doctor Soto can provide aesthetic treatments for laceration victims who opt for it. Part of the job of Laceration Repair Surgery is either to close wounds or oversee their closing so that the best possible suture type and placement can be used to prevent excessive scarring. Because it is the job of emergency room physicians to focus on vital organs and on stopping the bleeding and preventing any infection that may be result following a serious laceration, not having an attending plastic surgeon can result in unintentional disfiguration in the future. This can be especially detrimental if the laceration is on the face or other exposed area.  

As with other varieties of reconstructive surgery, Laceration Repair can include grafting healthy skin from another part of the body or even transplanting skin, muscle and sometimes bone to create a flap. A flap can have its own blood supply or, by employing the advanced techniques of microsurgery, blood vessels from the flap can be attached to blood vessels in the new location to create a new blood supply. Tissue expansion can also be used, depending on the region of the laceration. Recovery time depends on a multitude of factors.