Mommy Makeovers Are Taking On A Whole New Meaning
After Childbearing, Women Want Their Bodies Back

Written by Cindy Bailey, RN, BSN, PHN

We have experienced the miracle of childbirth and the beauty of breastfeeding. Our bodies have created and nurtured the lives of our children. Without a doubt this incredible experience has also created havoc on our bodies. Our all-consuming devotion for our children puts us on the bottom of the priority list. As a result, we could use a little help getting back to normal. Fortunately, there are exciting options in plastic surgery to help regain our figures when diet and exercise alone won't do the trick.

At one time, mommy makeovers used to include a professional hair re-styling, new make-up, and a great new outfit. Today, mommy makeovers have taken on a whole new meaning. They are designed to counteract the physical affect of childbearing and to enhance our appearance after time has left its mark. Every mommy makeover is as unique as the individual mother.

Knowing your options can help give you peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy or the newfound pleasures of motherhood without worrying you'll never look as good as before.

A top to bottom mommy makeover would start with the eyes. Sleepless nights may accelerate the aging around the eyes. Fortunately, there are some effective procedures for rejuvenating the eyes. Botox® may be used to rid your face of the wrinkles around your eyes and on your forehead. The Botox® treatment takes only minutes and the results last for months. Moms who have had Botox® comment they're surprised how easy it is to shave years off their appearance.

Surgery on the eyelids requires longer recovery, but the improvements are long lasting and substantial. When moms have "hooding" of the upper eyelids or bags under the eyes, they are typically good candidates for eyelid surgery. The scars are minimal and you may return to work within days of surgery. The results can be dramatic.

When breastfeeding is done, we feel sad to say farewell to our full and shapely breasts, especially when we are left with breasts we can hardly recognize as our own. We complain of sagging, asymmetry, enlarged areolas, loss of upper fullness and nipples pointing to the South Pole! A breast lift can remove stretched skin and excess tissue to recreate the firm, perky breasts we had before pregnancy. If you want a larger breast size, however, implants are necessary. Imagine regaining the confidence to wear a strapless black dress without wearing a bra.

Nowhere else is pregnancy more evident than on our abdomen. It was a nine-month home to our infant. It's a place where stretch marks, C-section scars and loose skin may linger long after childbirth. These "badges of motherhood" often frustrate and depress us. A tummy tuck, is a procedure that can remove the "pooch" of excess skin that lies just below the navel. It can get rid of most stretch marks and turn a visible vertical C-section scar into a small bikini line that's easy to conceal. Many mothers can choose to have their operation done at the same time as a tubal ligation or a hysterectomy.

You would think that working around the clock, taking care of an infant, chasing a toddler or worrying about an adolescent would be enough to keep any amount of weight off. You may even exercise regularly and eat sensibly. Many times after childbirth, however, the body's fat distribution shifts. Diet resistant fat on the thighs, hips, and abdomen may become an increasingly difficult problem. Fortunately, recent innovations in ultrasonic liposuction make this procedure highly desirable among healthy, active moms who just need a little extra help getting rid of the extra fat deposits remaining from their pregnancy.

Whether you are a new mom or like myself been raising kids for a while, plastic surgery is a well-deserved reward after the physical and emotional challenges of motherhood. In doing so, you can restore your body to its former glory. But, it's important to choose your surgeon carefully. A board certified plastic surgeon is the best person to consult when considering any cosmetic procedure.